interior design: the 5 must-have colours this aw 2017/18

Thinking about giving your home a colour upgrade? Than we are just in time to give you all the information you need to have for this coming AW 2017/18. Find the right builder for you.

1. Experiment with grey colours.

High-end tiling

The first top trend to come is the colour grey. And the theme is, anything goes: from frosty cold silver greys to deep charcoal colours. It's an easy combine-able colour and gives any room a glamorous stylish touch.

2. Get the blues.

Decoration and interor design

This time designers have been more specific on what type of colours are proposed this AW season. Intense dark blues ranging from midnight blue, indigo, ink into black-blue are the to-go-for's. There is one exception to this dark range, teal. Teal is a medium blue-green colour somewhere ranging inbetween aqua and turquoise giving a fresh touch to the room (think accessories like candles or towels).

3. Into the woods with emerald green.

Constuction and design consultancy

Emerald green is a deep, dreamy colour full of intensity and will immerse the room into a fairy-tale like light ranging from seaside to wood colours. The deeper the colour the more you are on point with this trend.

4. Back to naturalism with earthy colours.

Country-style kitchen insallationwih wooden worktop

It's not all about going strong. The earthy colour palette is inspired by naturalism and features in its extreme extends the first maps of escapists and explorers. But you don't have to go all the way. Sometimes, less is more.

5. Millennial pink

Decoration, modern living and high-end building

Although we are in the 21st century by now, this colour is having a huge come back. It's a timeless colour. It's pink with the blues taken out and considered as being a gender-less. This colour will work great to contrast pale colours like grey but also stronger darker colours. It can be found in many wall-papers, tiles and fabrics.

If you still struggle with what colour to go for, drop us a line as we are always happy to have a second look for you or get one of our sub-contracted interior designers involved.

Happy furnishing and arranging!


The Great Home Team