Brass and marble shower room

An outdated bathroom has been completely transformed in our latest project.

Originally, a 1990's small and cramped bathroom with dark colours and poor lighting, we have worked with some tricks to give it a full makeover.


Working with big gloss porcelain marble slabs with fewer veins, allows to give the room height and depth. Also, it amplifies the light as it bounces of the gloss from the tiles, shower screen and bespoke cabinetry doors.

The grey stone on the floor picks up the veining from the tiles allowing to give the room a natural definition without stopping the flow.

The ceiling rounds the room up in white.

You won't even notice that the bathroom has no window.

To ensure that no matter the mood or need, a lighting fixture is available above the mirror and on the ceiling.

While a steam-free experience is guaranteed by the extractor cleverly positioned close to the shower head and purposely silenced to ensure that nothing disturbs the natural calm of this room.

The room benefits from a vast array of hidden storages, a bespoke solution for the room with quartz shelving, a naturally anti-bacterial material, everlasting in its beauty and style.

But the masterpiece has to be the brass finishing from the door knobs, to tile trims and accessories. It lifts the room to another level and rivals any 5 star experience you might have had in your life.

Our longstanding experience allows as not only to build but also to plan your projects.


Meticulously elaborated masterpieces from our heads, crafted with our hands for your house.


Send us your bathroom pictures today and arrange a site visit to elaborate how we can help you with your old bathroom!