This project is a must have in our gallery as a truly inspiring design and product choice. This sleek and stylish kitchen installation features

- a bespoke quartz worktop;

- extra cupboard and storage space;

- integrated breakfast area;

- mirror splash-back instead of tiling work.

The main worktop materials used for most kitchens are granite and quartz for their unique style, durability and low maintenance. We have opted in this case for a quartz worktop which is the easiest maintainable natural material. The particularity of quartz is that it does not allow bacteria to grow and resists against stains and, therefore, doesn't need to be sealed. The variety of designs and colours available can make it a fit for every kitchen.

By adding a integrated breakfast area, we have been able to save valuable space, integrate a holistic look in the design, but most importantly, have been able to add storage. 

To finalise the kitchen, we have added a mirror splash-back which visibly adds space, is easy to clean and gives the design a luxurious touch.

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