the great home knows: How to tell the difference between a good or bad tiling job

Tiling is one of those jobs which needs skill and know-how. Here some tips on what to look out for if you want to understand if your builder is doing a good or bad tiling job.

We have over 10 years of experience dealing with various types of designs from standard designs to bespoke patterns including square, rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal and more shapes. The phenomenal precision has made us masters in mosaic, a style which requires finesse, talent and virtuosity. We know how to mix and match different patterns, colours and styles providing impeccable fit.

Bespoke mosaic tiling
Modern wet room

Let us tell you how your job is done by true professionals starting with the most important characteristic, perfect levelling. We guarantee that the entire surface is a 100% levelled flawless and accurate straight lines using a smith and perfect grout finish.

We know what we are talking about and will take all decisions off your shoulders ensuring high-end and long-lasting quality anyone will admire who enters your home. No cracks, easy maintenance and our 100% satisfaction guarantee will not make you look any further in the choice of who is going to do your next tiling job.


The Great Home Team