WALK IN SHOWER Room with Marrakech floor tiles


Owning a Victorian flat or house in London comes with its own quirks and are particularly fun to work with if you enjoy bespoke carpentry, new ways of living and fun with colours and shapes.


As the rooms tend to be less symmetric and you might want to play a little with the layout of the floor plan, it’s a good starting point to work with tradesmen who really know what they are doing, so you know that you have just extended the shelf life of your property, while giving it a more up to date look.

This is exactly what we have done for this client in Camberwell, who owns a gorgeous Victorian ground floor flat and has a real style for sense.


The bathroom is a compact but bright space which was amplified through a very simple look, opting for an overall white gloss look with small designer touches. The blue and white Marrakech floor tiles give it character and emphasize the walk-in effect in the shower. The vanity unit in walnut helps bringing focus into the room. The storage space has been lovingly tucked away in the corner, hiding the boiler from your eyes and allowing to store anything from towels to toiletries.


To round it up: Easy to look after, pleasant for the eye. Thank you for having chosen The Great Home London Ltd!

Are you looking to refurbish your Victorian flat? We can help making the most of it.